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We treat waste for a sustainable future.

Ambiente Mare spa
Via del Marchesato, 35
48122 Ravenna
(Ravenna) Italy

Fiscal Code / VAT Number 00538590399
Share Capital € 2.000.000,00 i.v.
R.E.A: Ra n. 101027

Manlio Cirilli


Ambiente Mare, has been operating in the waste-management sector since 1994 and in synergy with its associated company Secomar it places as its primary objective the provision of an autonomous, specialised and highly competitive service, capable of completely satisfying all types of disposal requests deriving from Ravenna’s port areas, such as shipbuilding, tank flushing, bilge water, waste generated on platforms, etc.
The attention to providing a quality service and specialisation in the sector have allowed the company to consolidate its position in the market, and to equip and structure itself as a true multifunctional platform complete with its own chemical analysis laboratory, authorised to handle (AIA n. 120 of the 30/03/2009 issued by the Province of Ravenna and edit n.758/2016) 100 thousand tons annually of liquid waste generated by ships, industrial, etc.

Availing of an Integrated Management System for Quality and Environment, Ambiente Mare has demonstrated the ability to guarantee and pursue such good service and environmental performance standards, that in the course of a few years, it has obtained and maintained the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certifications.


Ambiente Mare

Ambiente Mare provides brokerage, storage, treatment and disposal services for liquid and/or special hazardous and non hazardous sludge, deriving from both the industrial and port sectors.
The entire platform is specialised in the treatment of oil and water emulsions generated on-board ships and in industrial and commercial plants operating within the ambit of the port areas; In view of the authorisation to deal with 100.000 tons annually, it is capable of receiving and disposing of additional types of waste (mainly industrial) such as:

  • paint booths;
  • landfill leachates;
  • industrial emulsions;
  • oil sludge;
  • tank cleaning;
  • acid and alkaline solutions;
  • grey water.

The structure is complete with its own chemical analysis laboratory and specific equipment, which allow for the carrying out of accurate and timely waste sample tests both during preliminary conformity assessments but also during consequent deliveries, as well as precise control during the various process phases of the treatment plant.

The Plant

The platform installations of Ambiente Mare, have a total storage capacity of 4.000 sqm and are located in Marina di Ravenna (Ravenna) in an area of about 9.000 sqm, overlooking the Piombone Canal zone through its 60 m berthing quay.
Depending on the type and its chemical and physical characteristics, every single waste consignment is subject to internal laboratory analysis and tests and is then forwarded to a specific area to have one of the following treatments carried out:

  • Water treatment
    Following a chemical and physical treatment all waters are destined to biological purification where a microbiological treatment remains continuously active capable of also operating on sea water.

  • Oil treatment
    Thanks to the heating and centrifugation process, the fraction of light hydrocarbons can be recovered from oily mixtures (for example bilge oil and oil sludge generated on-board a ship).

  • Emulsion treatment
    The area is specialised in the treatment of “thin emulsions” mainly deriving from the metal-mechanics industry during which water is separated and subsequently purified from its oily residues.
  • Sludge treatment
    All wastewater residues deriving from other areas are dehydrated and rendered inert so as to become transferable to specific landfill sites or other specifically authorised plants.

  • Grey water treatment
    It’s a new section of the plant destined for the collection of grey water generated on tank vessels with light hydrocarbon residues (petrol, naphtha…) with a storage capacity of 500 tons.
    In this section, through the settling process, water is separated and destined for purification whilst hydrocarbons are recovered. This plant, unique to Italy, allows for the complete satisfaction of all disposal requests deriving from the various port areas.


Where we are

Ambiente Mare S.p.A.

Via del Marchesato, 35
48023 Marina di Ravenna (RA)