Petrokan-Navenna Group

In order to provide customers with a complete service, the Group has entered the direct management of maritime transport services specialized in dry goods, using the appropriate ships according to the needs of the market and commercial customers. Hence the establishment of the PkDry company, able to provide a neutral and personalized service from the port of embarkation to the port of disembarkation and, finally, to the final delivery point. Characterizing its activities as the hallmark of quality, this company has obtained over the years various certifications that guarantee the standards offered.


Attentive to grasping the needs of the market and the new entrepreneurial opportunities created by the rapid changes which characterize the transport of goods sector, the Group has throughout the years notably diversified its activities and capitalized on its great potential also in the logistics sector.
NavennaItalterminalSecomar and Trasped are four companies which operate in the provision of services addressed to ships and ship owners (loading, unloading, customs clearance), in terminal activities using modern equipment (loading, unloading, packaging, palletization, storage), in bunkering services and intermodal transport of goods.
In relation to the handling of fertilizers, where Ravenna maintains a leading role in Italy, the Group handles 20% of the internal market.

The environment

Environmental protection is nowadays a top priority. The provision of qualified services bearing that objective in mind, certainly represents an added value for each port. For this reason, the Group has in recent years given life to Ambiente Mare and Secomar and is also present in the share capital of Fortore Wind (Energy).
The activities carried out in the environmental field are diversified, as they range from storage, treatment and disposal of liquid waste, to environmental clean-up operations in the case of an environmental emergency.
The Group’s participation in the Castalia Consortium, which operates in the environmental clean-up of the entire Italian coastline, is also a strong source of pride and is considered to be a recognition of the Company Group’s expertise and capabilities.

Maritime Transport

With a view to providing clients with a complete service, the Group has entered in the direct handling of sea freight services specialised in dry cargo, using the appropriate vessels according to the market and commercial client needs. Hence the set up of the PkDry company, capable of providing a neutral and personalised service starting from the port of embarkation to the port of disembarkation and eventually, ending at the point of final consignment.
Characterising its activities as the hallmark of quality, this company has throughout the years also obtained various certifications which guarantee the standards offered.